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Knights On Ice Podcast, Episode 6: Well, you knew they weren’t going 81-1-0

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We reassess the road trip and talk a lot about Alex Tuch and Shea Theodore.

NHL: Vegas Golden Knights at Toronto Maple Leafs John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Hi! We’re back again with our podcast. We discussed a lot since the last we chatted.

The Podfathers are back and break down the team's 1-4-1 road trip, highlighting Jonathan Marchessault and Alex Tuch's contributions. Ryan talks about unsavory additions to pudding, Danny serves as a white knight for Maxime Lagace and Dalton is a real "Negative Nosek" about the team's playoff chances.

We also discuss Shea Theodore’s ascension to the main roster and discuss why in the world he isn’t being played more. And we had to talk about the goalie situation, because of course we did.

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