Hockey 101: Figuring out a resource guide for beginners like me

As with plenty of other Las Vegas natives, I am plenty excited about the upcoming debut of the NHL in Las Vegas. It's crazy how professional sports is suddenly a thing in Las Vegas that is unrelated to gambling. Well, unrelated for the time being!

Plenty of Golden Knights fans will be people who have followed hockey regularly in some form or fashion, but plenty are relative neophytes to the NHL. I happen to be part of the latter group. I know the basics of hockey, and I know some general information about the NHL, but I have not paid super close attention to the league. I know there is a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and free agency, and that sort of thing, but I know very little of the details.

Fans like myself are doing a lot of catch-up to get ready for the 2017-18 season, and just the NHL in general. With the debut of Knights On Ice, I thought it would make sense to put out a call for help on resources that would help some of us learn more about the NHL, while also providing value down the road

I created and run SB Nation's 49ers blog, and as a big NFL fan, I've got plenty of online resources I frequent. I follow the salary cap at Over The Cap. I learn about analytics at Football Outsiders and Pro Football Focus. I'm looking for that kind of thing for my long-term fandom, but also resources that help explain the nuts and bolts of free agency, the draft, the CBA, and so forth.

I have a basic idea of the game of hockey, as far as things like icing and offsides. But as a developing fan of a professional hockey team, I (and others) have plenty to learn about the proverbial game within the game. For example, today I discovered Cap Friendly as a salary cap resource. I'm looking for any and all resources I can find to help prepare for the season. I've got a copy of the CBA in hand, and figure that is a good starting point. But let me know what sites should become a regular part of my daily routine.

It seems odd, but I'm sort of like a "beginner fan." I'm thinking I could use the FanPosts to discuss my journey as a new NHL fan. I can't imagine I'm the only one in this position, so let's dive in to figure this whole thing out!