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Knights Nuggets: Win it for Carnell Johnson

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Start off your morning by reading up on some hockey news.

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Winnipeg Jets v Vegas Golden Knights - Game Four Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Let’s check in on some news and notes:

- The Golden Knights may be the underdogs to win the Stanley Cup, but being the underdog certainly hasn’t held them back before. [ESPN]

- If Washington does win the Cup, though, one Capitals player has already made his decision about visiting the White House. [SB Nation]

- Just in case you want to resume agonizing over James Neal’s open-net gaffe from Game 4, now’s your chance! [The Athletic]

- Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes during the Knights’ pregame show? You can find out! [NBC Sports]

- Carnell Johnson is the greatest human being ever and he’s being recognized as such. #WinItForCarnell [KTNV Las Vegas]

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