You guys are the latest victim of marketing killing pro "sports"

That 5 minute major penalty was ridiculous. It obviously got confirmed by NHL HQ so they could have another 5 minutes of "excitement" to market from a game that was fini, kaput, sayonara.

The NHL wanted another 5 minutes of excitement & they never expected you to give up FOUR goals in 5 minutes, so they figured "What the heck? Who doesn't like 5 minutes of PP with shots peppering the goalie? Now, THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT!"

I watch little pro "sports" outside of the playoffs these day mostly because of BUSINESS decisions like that ruining the "sporting" nature of these leagues. These are not "sports". I watch the playoffs, because the leagues push less nonsense down during the playoffs. But, That was NONSENSE. They sacrificed you on the altar of MARKETING aka ENTERTAINMENT.

Still, how can you give up 4 goal in 5 minutes of PP? Only one way. By playing scared for 5 minutes. You got screwed but you were a full participant. Sorry bout that. Better luck next year. Now, cheer on the Bruins.