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Pope Francis is now a Golden Knights fan

The holiest man in the world seems pretty fond of Sin City’s hockey team.

Church Traditionalists Call For Pope Francis’s Resignation Photo by Giulio Origlia/Getty Images

Every team has its fair share of celebrity fans. The Vegas Golden Knights, of course, are no exception. Lil Jon, Gordon Ramsay, Bryce Harper and Jon Taffer, among many others, are all massive fans of Las Vegas’ first major professional sports franchise.

And now you can add Pope Francis to the list.

For some reason, someone gave the holiest man in the world a custom Golden Knights jersey Friday, and the pope seemed pretty stoked about it!

It feels pretty safe to say that this is the first hockey jersey Pope Francis has ever owned, and the fact that it’s a Golden Knights sweater is pretty cool.

The Knights didn’t have the best luck this season. But if this isn’t a sign that they are definitely going to win the Stanley Cup next year, I don’t know what is.