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EXCLUSIVE: Bond remains strong between Marc-Andre Fleury, Sidney Crosby

In this exclusive to KOI, the former Pittsburgh teammates open up about their long-standing friendship.

Golden Knights winning on ice, but losing proposition at the books

After a magical first season, betting traction has taken a slow dive.

Betting Spotlight: Predators, Golden Knights will run score up in final game before break

Goals. Goals everywhere.

Betting Spotlight: Knights won’t be as wild against Minnesota, total stays low

Two strong goaltenders in net for this MLK Day matinee.

Betting Spotlight: Western Conference Final rematch will feature a lot of scoring

Vegas and Winnipeg expected to have a soaring total.

Betting Spotlight: Weary Knights, stagnant Hawks will keep score low

After going over first two meetings, this one will be different.

Betting Spotlight: Physical affair will keep Knights, Sharks low

Not expecting much offense here.

Betting Spotlight: We’re expecting lots of goals in Vegas’ showdown against the Rangers

I hope you like offense!

Golden Knights break down College Football Playoff National Championship

Clemson vs. Alabama for all the marbles yet again. Some Vegas players had a say.

Betting Spotlight: Total expected over in fast-paced meeting between Devils and Golden Knights

Vegas looking for its sixth straight win.