Teemu Pulkkinen has a ways to go before contributing for the Golden Knights

The selection from Arizona is playing for his fourth organization in three years.

Editor’s note: Vegas finally has a roster. It’s time to get excited. We will be introducing you to these new Golden Knights players.

The Vegas Golden Knights had little to choose from during the expansion draft from the Arizona Coyotes. They opted for winger Teemu Pulkkinen.

Who is Teemu Pulkkinen?

Scouting Report

The 25-year-old Finnish hockey player was drafted in the fourth round of the 2010 draft by the Detroit Red Wings. He is a 5-foot-10 skilled winger that hasn’t found his footing at the NHL level.

He has a great offensive skillset featuring supreme puck control and dangling ability to go along with a very good shot. These have allowed him to overcome some of his shortfalls at the lower level leagues.

He hasn't been scouted as the greatest of skaters. Because of this, Pulkkinen could find trouble getting into the scoring areas in the NHL, especially combined with his small size.

His defensive game isn't always up to par with the NHL game, either. Pulkkinen's work ethic has been questioned, too.

Numbers, numbers, numbers

Pulkkinen has been productive in the AHL. In 166 games, he has scored 83 goals and a total of 157 points (0.97 points per game) in four years with the Grand Rapids Griffins and Iowa Wild, respectively. This includes two 30-goal seasons.

Unfortunately, his NHL production hasn't quite been to that level.

Pulkkinen has managed only 13 goals and 22 points (0.27 ppg) in 83 games. This could be a sign that his poor skating is not allowing for him to get into the scoring areas the way he could at the lower levels.

His analytics are fantastic, albeit a small sample size. He boasts a Corsi For percentage of 55.42 and a Goals For percentage of 57.78, but again.

The Verdict

He has all the talent and potential to be an effective top-six winger, but he will need to improve his skating or find ways to overcome it to produce enough to stay at the NHL level.

Of the players available from the Coyotes, Pulkkinen was probably the best. If Vegas can get him with a skating coach they could find themselves with a very productive piece.

He’ll need to put in the work.