Golden Knights will begin selecting players for team Tuesday

George McPhee is setting a midnight ET deadline for clubs to negotiate with Vegas.

If teams want to strike deals with the Vegas Golden Knights to keep their rosters intact, they better do it soon.

Golden Knights general manager George McPhee said Monday will be the last day Vegas entertains offers, preferring a midnight ET deadline.

McPhee said they will begin picking players Tuesday, leading up to Wednesday’s expansion draft.

“The last 24 hours have been about the same as the last four, five days,” McPhee said.

The Golden Knights have been entertaining trade offers since Saturday’s roster freeze. TSN’s Frank Seravalli reported Sunday that Vegas may have at least four deals in place involving draft picks and players leading up to Wednesday’s expansion draft and Friday’s amateur draft.

With the possibility of adding more assets, McPhee said his team used the first part of days on the expansion draft, while the evening is slated for preparing for Friday’s festivities in Chicago.

Vegas currently holds the No. 6 pick in the NHL Draft, and may have deals in place to secure Columbus’ 24th overall pick and the New York Islanders’ No. 15 pick. McPhee added Monday that the team decided to keep a player rather than enter into negotiations with that team.

McPhee reiterated there are no trades finalized, but he has things lined up.

“We want to stop trade dialogue today because it’s going to take us a while to pick our team tomorrow,” McPhee said.