The Golden Knights may have made a tweak to their uniforms

Don’t panic. It’s good.

The Vegas Golden Knights unveiled their first set of uniforms back in June, which were met with mostly positive reviews from fans. The gloves, though, were the one portion of the uniform that left some scratching their heads. They’re white, which is atypical for most hockey clubs. No team in the NHL currently wears white gloves other than the Golden Knights.

In case you need a refresher:

Absolutely horrific.

However, it appears Vegas may be opting to go with black gloves over the white ones.

In the most recent trailer for EA Sports’ NHL 18, the Golden Knights appear to be wearing black gloves rather than the white eyesores. The annual NHL simulation is typically spot on with uniform changes and it feels pretty safe to assume Vegas will move forward with the black mitts.

Also, mind you, there are jersey numbers, but nothing too different than what we already thought.

We’ll get to see the Golden Knights dawn these babies pretty soon, too. Training camp is set to begin early next month and Vegas’ first preseason game takes place on Sept. 17 in Vancouver against the Canucks.