Knights Nuggets: Almost forgot how nice this whole winning thing felt

Start off your morning by reading up on some news and notes.

Rise and shine! Let’s go over some news and notes:

- The Golden Knights are back in the winning column! Granted, they were very lucky to pull out a victory on Saturday, but still! [KOI]

- Cody Eakin’s shift that led to the game-winner against the Flyers was an awesome one, but that shouldn’t be the shift people remember from Saturday’s 1-0 thriller. [The Athletic]

- It appears the Knights are about to unveil something super cool on Tuesday.

In other news...

- Remember Team North America? Of course you do! How could you not? Possibly the best team ever assembled, if you ask me. Here’s what Team North America would look like if they did it all over again today. [The Athletic]

- Austin Watson’s suspension has been reduced to 18 games. Apparently domestic violence is nowhere near as bad as accidentally ingesting a microscopic amount of a banned substance. [ESPN]

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