Knights Nuggets: Are you not entertained?

Start your morning off by reading up on some hockey news.

Let’s get to the links:

- In case you missed it (shame on you if you did), the Golden Knights pulled off a pretty incredible comeback to beat the Calgary Flames last night. [Knights On Ice]

- Everyone’s favorite defenseman Jason Garrison has been in and out of the lineup a lot recently. Why is this happening to him? Here’s a good explanation. []

- If there’s one thing this year’s All-Star game taught us, it’s that USA Hockey is on the rise in a very big way. [SB Nation]

- With soon-to-be 46-year-old Jaromir Jagr’s NHL career likely having come to an end, here some insane facts that make him one of the greatest hockey players to ever step on the ice. [SB Nation]

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