Knights Nuggets: Brooks Macek is pretty good!

Start off your morning by reading up on some news and notes.

Let’s go over some news and notes:

- The Golden Knights’ second line is pretty freaking good. Makes you wonder what’ll happen when Paul Stastny comes back. [KOI]

- Marc-Andre Fleury turned 34 years old yesterday, but you’d hardly be able to tell by the way he’s been playing. [KOI]

- It’s not often that a team wins a game 8-3 while still playing poorly. Apparently that’s what the Knights did Tuesday evening. []

- Brooks Macek has yet to play a single game in the NHL, but by the way he’s playing, it may not be long before he makes his debut. [The Athletic]

In other news...

- The Flyers are kind of a dumpster fire right now. [Broad Street Hockey]

- And so are the Blues. [St. Louis Game Time]

- You know what team isn’t a dumpster fire, though? The Buffalo Sabres. And it looks like Buffalo’s head coach is ahead of the pack for the Jack Adams. [Die by the Blade]

- Even if the Maple Leafs manage to sign William Nylander by Saturday, his days in Toronto could still be numbered.

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