Knights Nuggets: Get your flamingos ready

Start off your morning by reading up on some hockey news.

Rise and shine! Let’s check in on some news and notes:

- Game 1 was absolutely insane. What did we learn from the opener of the Stanley Cup Final? Well, better officiating would be nice. [Knights on Ice]

- Tom Wilson won’t receive any discipline for his controversial hit on Jonathan Marchessault, but that’s not keeping the Knights from focusing on their main goal. [The Hockey News]

- One in every two televisions in Las Vegas had the Golden Knights’ Game 1 victory running. Once again, hockey will never work in Sin City! [Knights on Ice]

- I spoke to SB Nation Radio’s Tony Desiere Monday about the Golden Knights and you should definitely give our conversation a listen. [SB Nation Radio]

- There are plenty of unique Golden Knights fans, but Flamingo Man is easily the best. If you don’t have your flamingos already, you need to make that happen ASAP. [NBC Sports]

- A former UCF grad wrote an entire article about how Vegas fans to stop “Knights!” during the national anthem, as if that’s going stop anything. [Orlando Sentinel]

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