Knights Nuggets: Let’s not lose tonight, eh?

Start off your morning by reading up on some news and notes from Vegas and around the NHL.

Let’s go over some news and notes:

- Welp. The Golden Knights lost Game 1. But that’s okay. Just one game, folks. Just one game. [KOI]

- What did we learn from Game 1? Well, the Knights still haven’t figured out how to start games properly. [KOI]

- But the Knights might be getting a huge bonus soon. It may not be long before we see Nikita Gusev in a steel and gold uniform. [KOI]

- If you haven’t listened to Episode 6 of KOI Radio yet, you should. Your happiness depends on it. [KOI]

In other news...

- The NHL just launched a partnership with Great Clips. Give us all of the hockey hair. [Forbes]

- The Hurricanes may have lost last night, but they’re going to give the Capitals everything they can handle. [The Hockey News]

- There must be something in the water up in Nova Scotia, because that portion of Canada seems to pump out amazing hockey players. [The Athletic]

- Mitch Marner? Yeah, the kid’s pretty damn good.

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