Knights Nuggets: Life without hockey is a dark, meaningless void

Start off your morning by reading up on some hockey news.

Let’s check in on some news and notes:

- Before erasing this year’s Stanley Cup Final from our minds forever, let’s just take one last look at the series. What the hell went wrong? [Knights on Ice]

- Okay. Now that that’s done, let’s look forward to the offseason! Could a David Perron extension be on the horizon? [Knights on Ice]

- Also, the Senators apparently wanted the Golden Knights to give up Cody Glass in order to get Erik Karlsson. Yeah, no, that’s definitely not happening. [Knights on Ice]

- If you haven’t watched Budweiser’s Golden Knights-themed ad, you need to do that right now. [Knights on Ice]

- I’m not sure Alex Ovechkin has been sober since last week. [Deadspin]

- The offseason can get pretty boring, so here are nine hockey movies you should watch to feed your summer hockey desires. [Las Vegas Review-Journal]

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