Knights Nuggets: Maybe shootouts aren’t so bad!

Start off your morning by reading up on some news and notes from Vegas and around the NHL.

Let’s go over some news and notes:

- I usually think shootouts are bad. Unless the Golden Knights win. Then shootouts are good! Big win against the Panthers. [KOI]

- The Golden Knights are still undefeated in the Mark Stone era. Celebrate by getting your very own “We Got Stoned” T-shirt! [KOI]

- Speaking of Mark Stone, could he be the first captain in Golden Knights history? Let’s just say it wouldn’t be much of a shock if he is. []

- You won’t believe this, but Marc-Andre Fleury jerseys are among the top-selling jerseys in the NHL. [Las Vegas Review-Journal]

- Not only do NHL players really like the idea of playing for Gerard Gallant, but they also think Golden Knights fans are the best fans in the NHL. [The Athletic]

In other news...

- The Hurricanes’ celebrations are pretty awesome. But more importantly, so is the team. [The Hockey News]

- It’s probably obvious at this point, but the culture in Ottawa is absolutely broken. [Silver Seven]

- The Flyers are about to set an NHL record for most goalies used in a single NHL season — eight freaking goalies. [NHL]

- John Tavares returned to Long Island for the first time as a member of the Maple Leafs, and it went exactly as expected.

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