Knights Nuggets: Not quite the start we were hoping for!

Start off your morning by reading up on some news and notes.

Rise and shine! Let’s go over some news and notes:

- The Golden Knights returned last night, but they lost an ugly one to the Flyers. It was not a good time. [KOI]

- After a bit of a hibernation, our podcast has finally returned! Listen to Episode 1 of the new and improved KOI Radio, or else we’ll be very sad. [KOI]

- We decided to make some bold, and I mean really bold, predictions for the season. Feel free to sound off as much as you’d like. [KOI]

In other news...

- Does it feel like every year fewer teams enter the new season with a captain? Because that’s kind of what’s going on. [ProHockeyTalk]

- In a little under 200 years, assuming we humans are even around at that time, championship rings will be as big as a house. [SB Nation]

- Everyone’s talking about the start of the NHL season, but let’s not forget that the WHL’s season begins soon as well. [The Ice Garden]

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