Knights Nuggets: Vadim Shipachyov isn’t out of the Golden Knights’ hair yet

Start your morning off with some Golden Knights updates.

Happy Friday, folks! Let’s check out what’s going on with the Golden Knights:

- Welp. The Golden Knights have now lost three straight games. Granted, they’ve had Maxime Lagace in net for all of them. But still. Not great, boys. [Knights On Ice]

- While Vadim Shipachyov is mostly out of the Golden Knights’ hair, he is still not-so-patiently awaiting the official termination of his NHL contract in order to sign with a KHL team. The soap opera continues. [Sportsnet]

- Marc-Andre Fleury’s agent put the NHL’s concussion spotter program on blast via Twitter and, frankly, he couldn’t be more correct. The league might want to start taking head injuries as seriously as they say they do. [Las Vegas Review-Journal]

- How involved will the Golden Knights be in the trade market? Probably very involved. [The Hockey News]

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