Knights Nuggets: Vegas is the best team in the NHL

Start your morning off by reading up on some hockey news.

Let’s get to the links:

- With the Golden Knights’ win over the Carolina Hurricanes, Vegas is officially at the top of the league standings. Just as we all expected! [Knights On Ice]

- Is David Perron irreplaceable? Judging by the way he’s playing, yeah. []

- The Golden Knights have already made a number of significant personnel decisions this season. What should they do next? [ESPN]

- The Chicago Wolves typically play really well — unless they’re in California. [Knights On Ice]

- Kid Rock will be performing at the NHL All-Star Game and literally nobody is excited about it. [SB Nation]

- The possibilities for the new Seattle franchise’s nickname are endless, but there are 13 names that would work perfectly. [SB Nation]

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