Knights Nuggets: You need to read what David Perron wrote for The Players’ Tribune

Start your morning off by reading up on some hockey news.

Let’s get to the links:

- David Perron. What a guy. Not only is he good at hockey, but he’s pretty good at writing, too! In case you missed it, you’ll definitely want to check out the story he wrote for The Players’ Tribune. It’s everything. [The Players’ Tribune]

- The Golden Knights are nearly unbeatable at home. And players across the NHL are starting to realize it. [Knights On Ice]

- As good as Vegas has been at home, though, the Golden Knights still have plenty of work to do as the season approaches its halfway point. [SB Nation]

- You know what’s fun? Power rankings. You know what’s even more fun? Power rankings with the Golden Knights ranked as the top team in the NHL. [The Hockey News]

- It’s hard for an NHL referee to capture the hearts of hockey fans, but Wes McCauley keeps figuring out unique ways to do just that. [SB Nation]

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