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Marc-Andre Fleury’s Golden Knights mask is a thing of beauty

While much of the fanfare among Golden Knights fans has been directed towards goalie Calvin Pickard and his #PicksMaskContest, star goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury gave Vegas fans a little something else to salivate over on Thursday.

The 32-year-old netminder unveiled the mask he’ll be wearing during the 2017-18 season. And it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Let’s observe this splendid piece of cranial protection, shall we?

The left side of the mask features a golden knight (duh) riding a badass stallion covered in armor with a shield of the Golden Knights’ alternate logo. Very cool.

The Las Vegas-inspired right side of the mask, though, is what really makes it such a looker. Like Sin City itself, this side of the mask is vibrant with colors and features some of Vegas’ most famous landmarks, including the High Roller, Stratosphere, the Luxor, New York-New York and, of course, the famous “Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas” sign.

Oh, and there’s a golden knight on this side of the mask as well. A bunch of them, actually. And they all have their spears raised as they prepare to impale some fools.

If only we didn’t have to wait until training camp to see Fleury dawn this thing…

Good news! We don’t!

I don’t know if this is possible, but Fleury should be immediately given a win on the season solely because of this mask. Absolutely gorgeous.