EA Sports reveals Marc-Andre Fleury is an 86 overall in NHL 18

That’s not too bad.

It’s only fitting that Marc-Andre Fleury is the first Vegas Golden Knight to have his rating unveiled to the gaming masses, and it’s not too shabby.

Fleury has been tabbed with an 86 overall, as announced by EA Sports on Friday. There aren’t any specific ratings to Fleury other than that solid overall number, but we’ll find out more when the game is released Sept. 15.

Upon first glance, this isn’t too bad a number. Especially with how subpar the Golden Knights are expected to be in the virtual world, having a goalie in the mid-to-high 80s is something you pretend general managers can get behind when you put the game in.

However, Fleury’s overall is down compared to last year. He started the game at a 90 overall and eventually dropped to an 88. He was the eighth best goalie in NHL 17. Rightfully, there are going to be people who compare the two and are a bit annoyed, but again, it could be a lot worse.

This is still a cool thing to see, and the days are ticking down to Las Vegas finally getting a professional sports team in a video game. We’re not sure if other Golden Knights players will have their ratings unveiled, ala NBA 2K, but keep an eye out for that.