NHL Announces Update to 2021-22 Schedule; Vegas Golden Knights Have 5 Games Rescheduled for February

Today the NHL released a “comprehensive update to the 2021-22 regular-season schedule, one that will enable all 32 teams to complete their respective 82-game slates by the regular season’s original closing date of Friday, April 29.”

The changes impact all teams, some more than others, and one of those teams includes the Vegas Golden Knights.

The changes to the schedule are as follows:

  • January 14th’s postponed game at Edmonton will now be played on February 8
  • January 15th’s postponed game at Calgary will now be played on February 9
  • December 27th’s postponed game vs. Colorado will now be played on February 16
  • December 23rd’s postponed game vs. Los Angeles will now be played on February 18
  • April 10th’s scheduled game at San Jose will now be played on February 20/

Additionally, the start time for April 16th’s game at Edmonton has moved from 8PM to 2PM.

Given these changes, here’s an updated breakdown of games per month for the Golden Knights.

  • January: 5 Games (4 Away and 1 Home)
  • February: 8 Games ( 4 Away and 4 Home)
  • March: 16 Games (9 Away and 7 Home)
  • April: 13 Games (8 Away and 5 Home)/

In total that 42 games remaining, 25 on the road, and 17 at T-Mobile Arena. The Golden Knights are 12-10-2 at home, and 11-5-0 on the road thus far in 2021-22.