Round Table: Our thoughts on the Golden Knights’ jerseys

Alright, it’s been a few days. What do we think?

Welcome to our first round table discussion. Because, you know, knights, round tables, something like that. You get it.

It’s been a hectic week at KOI. You know, the Golden Knights getting a roster. They’ll be drafting rookies tonight, too. Get excited! You should be. The entry draft is brought to you by the Golden Knights.

But there’s one thing we missed talking about: Vegas’ new threads.

Those new jerseys have taken a back seat the last couple of days. But we need to talk about them. They are ... interesting? Unique? Not working at all?

The KOI staff put some thoughts together on these, uh, beautiful jerseys.

Danny (@DannyWebster21): I was drawn to the sleeves right away. My initial reaction was the Golden Knights are being sponsored by the German National Team. The color scheme is great. The idea behind the colors is also great. But what is with this “storm gray” nonsense? It’s not light gray, it’s not regular gray. It’s a storm. I have no clue. I have a feeling the alternates (which better be black, by the way, because black jerseys are so cool) will be much better. For now, I’ll give it a solid 7/10, pending approval.

Dalton (@dalton_mack): At first I was a little wary of what the Knights may be rolling out, speaking as a lifelong Penguins fan who did not care for their “Vegas Gold” uniforms (luckily a thing of the past). Upon release, I felt there was a lot to like about the Golden Knights unis, from the use of “storm gray” as the predominant color throughout the body, to the red accents on the sleeves and inside the color. Full opinions will be reserved until we see it on the ice of course, but as it stands now, the reveal has exceeded expectations. I’m just looking forward to seeing what kind of pads Marc-Andre Fleury will be rocking come October.

Ryan (@RP_Quigs): I like the sweaters. I think the grey, gold and red actually work really well together. I also really like the embroidery on the sleeves and crest. It just adds a fancy "Vegas" element to the look. However, I absolutely despise the gloves. They're white! They just look so odd with the rest of the predominantly dark uniform. I honestly want to buy a pair of those gloves just to set them on fire and bark at the moon as I watch them burn to ash. They're not good, in my expert opinion.

Mike (@MikeHannah_): I love the white jersey.  They are beautiful to me. Love the colour scheme. I'm warming to the gray. Looks like maybe it's supposed to invoke armour. I can live with that. I'm really just interested in how they look in game. And I'll probably buy two.