Year 3: Vegas Golden Knights Playoff Hockey

Welcome to the show for the third straight year.

Welcome to Year 3 of the Vegas Golden Knights in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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There won’t be any fanfare in these games. There won’t be any spectators. We won’t be there to cover the games. We’ll all be at home together, watching what could either be a remarkable playoff run, or another shocking disappointment.

The Golden Knights will play three round robin games before they enter the official round of 16, which will determine who gets to play for the Stanley Cup. Game 7 last season seems like forever.

Could the third time be the charm? Cup in Three? We’ll find out.

This stream will have all of our playoff content; news, features, game coverage, etc. You can find it all here if need be.

Buckle up, and get ready for Golden Knights playoff hockey yet again.