Twitter reacts to Golden Knights’ new mascot, Chance the Gila Monster

So, this was a thing.

The Vegas Golden Knights unveiled the team’s new mascot, Chance, before a crowd of 17,645 ahead of Friday night’s 6-3 loss to Detroit at T-Mobile Arena.

Chance is a gila monster. He has received mixed reviews.

Some thought his introduction and very existence was a prank.

Though a majority had absolutely no idea what Chance was even supposed to be.

For the record, Chance is a gila monster (pronounced HEE-luh), a venomous lizard native to desert areas in the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexican state of Sonora. There was so much confusion surrounding Chance’s identity that the Golden Knights published an article about Chance’s background.

Many wondered why the Golden Knights simply didn’t go with, you know, a golden knight.

Some made the connection to another famous Chance.

While many drew comparisons to other characters and creatures from throughout pop culture.

A popular theory is that Chance is a direct descendant of the Fantastic Four’s Thing or the lovechild of the Thing and Barney.

Not all reactions were negative, though! Some people liked him.

Chance even got a warm welcome from division rival Fin, the mascot of the Vancouver Canucks.

But the majority were less-than-fond of the move.

At the end of the day, the evening turned sour thanks to a blown third-period lead that handed the Knights their first loss in franchise history.

But Chance is here to stay.

Golden Knights fans just have to hope that he can help the team capitalize on its chances (see what I did there?) moving forward.

How do you feel about Chance the Gila Monster as the Golden Knights’ mascot?

Love him!26
Hate him!11
He’s sorta cute27
Meh, whatever50
THIS is our mascot?!? Really?45