The dumb and bad sun has postponed the Golden Knights-Avalanche Lake Tahoe game

The sun is bad. I said it.

The Vegas Golden Knights and Colorado Avalanche game at the 18th hole of the golf course near Lake Tahoe has been postponed until 9 p.m. Pacific time due to concerns for player safety. This concern was warranted because of ice conditions during the first period of play.

Curse the sun, that giant gas ball in the sky, for ruining a perfectly good backdrop for hockey. The vistas of the Lake Tahoe game were perfection, but the ice conditions were far from it, and that’s because of the sun.

The Avalanche dominated the first period of play and lead 1-0 after the first 20 minutes. That is where the game will pick back up starting at the new time. Hopefully the Golden Knights now have the time to get their selves motivated.