Golden Knights unveil gold chrome helmets against Ducks

These are ... surely something.

Good news: Despite a COVID-19 scare with the Vegas Golden Knights, they’re playing hockey.

Bad news: There’s something on their heads and we don’t know if we should be scared.

The Golden Knights, ever true to their namesake, unveiled gold chrome helmets for their game Thursday against the Anaheim Ducks at T-Mobile Arena.

It’s been an ever-evolving display of wardrobe for the Golden Knights this season; from the first metallic gold sweaters in NHL history, to a red Reverse Retro dedicated to the Las Vegas Wranglers and Las Vegas Thunder, it has been a time if you’ve wished for Vegas to broaden its unique design.

And now, we have gold helmets. It looks to be a theme within the organization as a whole. The Henderson Silver Knights are using silver chrome helmets this season. In short, the Golden Knights are huge fans of Daft Punk and I’m guessing they’ll be the in-arena entertainment for the first game fans are allowed in the building.