Fans can design Calvin Pickard’s mask through Golden Knights contest

Let your creative juices flow.

Have you always had the urge to create a goalie’s mask? Here’s your chance.

Golden Knights goaltender Calvin Pickard is giving fans a chance to design his mask for the upcoming season. The team announced the #PicksMaskContest on Monday, which will run until Aug. 4.

The winner is set to be chosen Aug. 9, the team announced.

“Golden Knights fans have already proven to be a passionate fan base heading into the team’s inaugural season, so I knew this was a perfect opportunity to include them in designing my new mask,” Pickard said in a statement provided by the team. “I can’t wait to see the creative designs they come up with.”

This contest is only open to Las Vegas residents, and you can enter your submissions here. Five finalists will be chosen, and the grand prize winner will get a Golden Knights jersey and a meet-and-greet/photo-op with Pickard and the mask at City National Arena.

“I'm not really looking for anything that's overly shiny or anything like that,” Pickard said in a post on the team’s website. “Just something that incorporates the team colors and some white, which goes along with the rest of my equipment. Other than that, I'm not really picky as long as people keep their ideas appropriate and tasteful. All I really want to see is some creativity. Knights, horses, castles, dragons? Drawbridges? I'm open.”

There’s only one solution for Pickard’s mask. It’s something so amazing and lit that it would be too epic for the masses to handle ... we need the Knights On Ice logo plastered all over Pickard’s mask (credit to Dalton Mack for that idea, but it works).

Someone make that happen, and be sure to share with us your designs.

The team also announced Marc-Andre Fleury will participate in a similar initiative at a later date, so this is good practice because you can’t possible screw up Flower’s mask.