Knights Nuggets: Cody Glass ranked one of the NHL’s top 10 drafted prospects

Start off your morning by reading up on some news and notes from Vegas and around the NHL.

Let’s go over some news and notes:

- Kaedan Korczak is an interesting young player. You’ll want to keep your eyes on him this summer. [NHL]

- According to people who know things about odds and betting and such, the Golden Knights are going to be the best team in the West this coming season. [Las Vegas Review-Journal]

- What will the Knights’ roster look like in 2023? Well, Alex Ovechkin will be on it. This is inevitable. Buy your Ovi sweaters now. [The Athletic]

In other news...

- It’s looking like the Flames could be getting a new arena soon. [TSN]

- You think Vegas had it bad with the David Clarkson contract? Try moving some of the dead weight other teams are stuck with. [The Hockey News]

- Here are the NHL’s top 50 drafted prospects. Where do Cody Glass and Peyton Krebs rank? [The Athletic]

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