Knights Nuggets: Things are happening!

Start your morning off by reading up on some hockey news.

Let’s get to the links:

- Don’t look now, but the Golden Knights may be emerging as one of the favorites to land Erik Karlsson before the 3 p.m. ET trade deadline . [Knights On Ice]

- This may not just be smoke, either. It would actually make sense for Karlsson to come to Vegas! [The Hockey Writers]

- In other trade deadline news, the Golden Knights acquired Ryan Reaves from the Pittsburgh Penguins Friday, in case you missed it. Here’s how his arrival could impact the team. [Knights On Ice]

- Oh, and Vegas also won a game Friday, so that’s nifty. [Knights On Ice]

- Losing track of all these crazy trades? We have you covered. [SB Nation]

- The Russians won the gold for men’s ice hockey, but didn’t at the same time because Russia technically didn’t even take part in the Olympics! [SB Nation]

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