No hockey for a while. What the hell are we going to do at Knights On Ice?

Some really weird times are upon us.

A world without hockey, let alone sports, really sucks.

There are only so many trips to Wal-Mart, Costco and Sam’s Club you can make before testing the limits of your sanity. These are really weird times we live in, and I’m not sure if we’re dealing with the coronavirus or the real-world version of The Walking Dead.

Alas, when the NHL season announced it was on pause for a bit, I had to take a couple of days to decompress. Because not only did I come to the realization that we were going to be without hockey for a bit, I came to a realization that I’ll be out of work for a bit.

You can read about it on Twitter, if you’d like. I won’t bore you with the details on here.

But if you did read that thread, I made it clear that we’re going to keep the ball rolling here on Knights On Ice. While I mentioned I would take this past weekend to come up with a gameplan on what to write about, I came to the realization that there’s no thing as a set plan. Trying to come up with a structure while we’re bored out of our goddamn minds makes it even more strenuous and I don’t have that kind of brain capacity at the moment.

But starting this week, we’re going to get back in the flow of things. One thing I’ve been thinking about is incorporating NHL 20 into this blog in some capacity. When you have free time to play video games again, it’s somewhat liberating to have that sort of release.

This downtime has also given way for projects that we’ve been working on, to kind of round them together and throw them here, as well. I feel keeping busy and continuing to write is going to be better for us. Anything to prevent me from going to Wal-Mart again is a really good thing.

I also want to hear from you, our community: What do you want to see? What do you want to read about? This site, at the end of the day, is made for you guys. If there’s something you’ve been dying to see here, let me know in the comments section.

These are really weird times; scary even for some. If you are concerned about all of this, reach out to us and let’s open the discussion. As long as you’re not one of the crazies wearing a hazmat suit in Costco, you’re welcome to talk to us. And if you think this is all a conspiracy theory and we’re overreacting, let us know, too! Just don’t be a douche about it and be holier than thou.

Thanks for your patience. Be healthy and safe.