SB Nation FanPulse: Confidence steady that NHL season will play out as planned

While there will be hockey, fans think we’ll jump right to the playoffs.

Fans are confident that the NHL season will resume at some point, but a majority of you feel jumping straight to the Stanley Cup Playoffs is the right course of action, per our latest SB Nation FanPulse voting results.

A solid 55 percent of you believe the Stanley Cup will be awarded this year, but a resounding 86 percent think the NHL will not complete the regular season due to the COVID-19 scare that has put the hockey season, and other professional leagues, on pause.

While hopeful, there’s still uncertainty that lies ahead with the coronavirus pandemic on how the NHL moves forward. Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic reported that teams have been asked by the league to check arena availability through August. That would surely test the ice at T-Mobile Arena, because I don’t know if you’ve been to Las Vegas in August, but it’s really, really hot.

But based on when the season would resume, some of you think changing the playoff format will be inevitable. Also, a shade over half of you think there should be play-in games for the playoffs, which I think would be great for wild card purposes.

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