Golden Knights’ Chance will be in ‘NHL 19’

The NHL’s newest mascot is making his video game debut.

We still have over a month until EA Sports’ NHL 19 hits the shelves, but a very important tidbit of information was revealed when the game’s beta went live last week — Chance is making his video game debut.

Chance may not even be a year old yet, but he’s already established himself as one of the NHL’s best mascots. He’s different! The Golden Knights could have made the obvious decision of choosing a knight in armor as the primary mascot (hard pass), but instead they chose to go off the wall and tailor their mascot to the surrounding Mojave Desert.

So far, it’s worked out pretty well.

Not only does Chance play a huge role in the pregame festivities at Knights games, but he’s also a Twitter warrior. Seattle Seahawks mascot Blitz learned that the hard way.

NHL 19 will be available worldwide on Friday, Sept. 14.