The Golden Knights desperately need a puppy

Other NHL teams are getting dogs, and we want in on the fun.

On February 14, 2019 (or Valentine’s Day, whatever), the Nashville Predators introduced the newest member of their team — Smash, the puppy.

Smash is a baby. He is tiny, hyperactive and cute beyond words.

Smash is not the first puppy to be adopted by an NHL team. The St. Louis Blues, for instance, introduced us to Barclay as they were spiraling toward the bottom of the standings and fighting each other during practice. Is Barclay the reason for their turnaround? We’re not saying yes, but you can’t rule it out!

Not unlike the Blues, the Golden Knights are going through a bit of a rough patch of their own. They’ve now lost seven of their last nine games (five of those losses came on home ice) and continue to lose ground on the Calgary Flames and San Jose Sharks — the top dogs (pun intended!) in the Pacific Division. Objectively, the Knights could use something, anything to lighten the spirits in the locker room.

So, just wondering... where’s our lil Golden Pup? We know Bark-Andre Furry is a dear friend to the franchise, but surely he needs a friend of his own. Why don’t we have a dog?! WE WANT A DOG.

Might we suggest a Golden Retriever? Or a Goldendoodle? The possibilities are endless!

Golden Knights, if you’re interested, we have some name suggestions.


For some, Arthur might be a reference to a cartoon aardvark, but for others, his name signals royalty. Both playful and regal, Arthur would be a great name for a dog, far beyond puppyhood.


While perhaps too on-the-nose, the name of one of the wildest places in Vegas would be a perfect name for a dog. It’s spunky, original and signals to home in an obvious but tasteful way.


Let’s face it — whatever dog the Golden Knights could get would be the ultimate entertainer. That’s why Elvis would be a great name. Puppies are rambunctious, sassy and bring a lot of joy to a lot of people. As a tribute to a Las Vegas icon, a dog named Elvis just seems right.


Perhaps a more subtle name, Mojave comes from the Mojave Desert that surrounds Las Vegas. You know who else resides in the Mojave Desert? Gila monsters. Like Chance. Boom.


Speaking of chance... luck is also often associated with gambling in Sin City. An innocent puppy named Lucky might be too pure for the Strip, but it’d be a joy to have around. Imagine Lucky chasing Chance around the ice! So cute! Plus, “Lucky” is the name of a song by Britney Spears, who had a Vegas residency recently. Double reference.


Why Summer? Las Vegas reminds people of summer because it’s warm (most of the time). Or perhaps the golden fur of a dog would bring back memories of swimming in a lake with your childhood pet. But seriously, Summer is perfect because the Golden Knights practice in Summerlin. It’s far more local than most other suggestions. That would connect the puppy to the city on a deeper level.

Have any puppy name suggestions? We’d love to hear them in the comments!