You can hire Ryan Reaves to chirp at people for you

A very good investment.

Is there anyone out there who you want to say so many bad things to, but you just can’t for various reasons?

Well, Vegas Golden Knights winger Ryan Reaves has you covered.

You can now pay Reaves, who’s made a career out of agitating people on the ice, $100 and he’ll make a video talking mad trash to the person of your choosing. He’ll also wish your friends a happy birthday and such, but that’s not as funny.

How is this possible? Well, Reaves just joined Cameo, which is a service that allows people to pay public figures to create personalized shoutouts (or trash talk) to friends, family and, in Reaves’ case, enemies.

Via Reaves on his Cameo profile:

“I just joined Cameo. Got a loved one you want to throw a little love to? You got somebody you hate, want a little chirping done? You know that’s what I do. I do that best. Send your request. I got you.”

Just amazing.

Bless Cameo.

Hat tip to Cody Miller of KTNV.