Golden Knights goalie Calvin Pickard unveils fan concept-inspired goalie mask

It’s so pretty!

It might be hard to top Marc-Andre Fleury’s beauteous mask, but Calvin Pickard’s comes awfully close to that feat.

Pickard asked Vegas Golden Knights fans to help design his new mask. Knights fans created their concepts and sent them to the Golden Knights’ official Twitter page using the hashtag #PicksMaskContest.

The mask was put on full display Tuesday during a voluntary practice at City National Arena and, as it turns out, the fans did just what they intended to do — make a badass design for the 25-year-old goaltender.


The Golden Knights logo on top of the mask is crisp, the deck of cards on the right side of the mask adds a nice Vegas touch and the sketch of an actual golden knight is an extremely fun addition.

So which Golden Knights fan won the contest? Finalists Emily Blackwell, Anthony Colasuono, Jeannette Hall, AJ Presas and Eric Selvig all had fragments of their concepts incorporated in the final design. Shawn Hickey, the grand prize winner, had the majority of his concept (the Golden Knights logo and sketch) involved in the finished product.

What are your thoughts on the mask? Do you love it? Hate it? Voice your opinion in the comments!