We need to talk: Custom jerseys - fair or foul?

Knights On Ice writers discuss putting your own name on an NHL jersey.

If the Internet has taught us anything about the nature of humans, we love nothing more than to argue about anything. Also, people really love cat memes.

This, in part, is why presidential (and vice presidential) debates draw over 250 million viewers. This makes platforms like Twitter so popular. Yes, for most it is a quick source of information, but for many of the app’s some 300-million active users it is an opportunity to state your opinion and then immediately argue with countless people.

I am no exception to this. I love a good debate. I watch the presidential debates for a country I don’t even live in for entertainment. And I knowingly log on to Twitter and tweet about hockey analytics knowing the hellfire and brimstone that will soon besiege me.

In hockey, as in life, people don’t always agree. Opinions are as unique as the people who have them and even within a fan bases like the Vegas Golden Knights, they can vary wildly on a given subject.

A questionable check or a perfectly clean hockey play? Is it wrong to wear the numbers of retired NHL greats? Who really is the best defensive defenseman in the game? Do enforcers still have a role to play in the game? What role should analytics play in the hockey world and sports journalism?

With this in mind allow me to welcome you to Knights On Ice's newest series "We Need to Talk” (or Jousting with Mike, whatever). A series devoted to those differing opinions and points of view concerning any number of issues from the hockey community. With the help of some of my fellow KOI writers we will attack topics from opposite ends (and hopefully not each other. Though if a WWE-style brawl breaks out we'll be sure to stream it) and make the case for their merit. From there the rest is up to you!

The topics will range dramatically from article to article. From the most contentious to the most light-hearted, on-ice incidents to off-ice events.

And we want to know what's on your minds, as well!

Fair or Foul: Putting your own name on the back of a custom NHL jerseys

I did tell you some of the topics will be light-hearted asides. You can’t say I didn’t warn you. And, because this is such an auspicious occasion we won't just be getting the thoughts of one or two writers, but six Knights On Ice writers weigh in on this topic.

Danny Webster: Foul. Because are there any Websters in the NHL? That’s blatant. (I checked, there aren't. Sorry, Danny.)

JWagner: Definitely foul. Though I got the Flyers' two jersey's from last year and put Gagne on both... Some might not love that concept.

Dalton Mack: Definitely foul, but I'm okay with a custom shirsey.

Shepard Price: Foul. If you're getting a genuine jersey get a genuine jersey. I don't mind the cheaper shirsey like Dalton said.

Ryan Quigley: I wouldn't do it, but that's just me.

Mike Hannah: Fair. I have one rule when it comes to jersey's: Don't use retired numbers. Beyond that, have at it. Most of us were not blessed with the genetics of a hockey player at birth. I definitely wasn't. What I, and many others were blessed with was the ability to make and spend money on things like a hockey jersey. I didn't earn the jersey, but I did pay for it, and that's good enough for me.

Where do you stand on the great jersey debate? Vote and then let us know in the comments!

Fair or Foul: Putting your own name on a custom jersey

Yes! You paid for the thing.35
No! You didn’t earn it.17