Knights Nuggets: Watching the ‘yoffs from home

Start off your morning by reading up on some news and notes from Vegas and around the NHL.

Let’s go over some news and notes:

- The Golden Knights beat the Blues in their season finale, but it doesn’t really matter much since, well, you know. [Knights On Ice]

- Here’s some fun news, though. The Golden Knights signed Brendan Brisson to his entry-level contract! [Knights On Ice]

- There’s a good chance the Golden Knights will look a bit different next season, but the players are hoping to bring most of the band back for another tour. [Las Vegas Review-Journal]

In other news...

- The 2022 NHL Draft Lottery odds are here, and this is something the Golden Knights should keep an eye on. The chances are slim, but if they win the lottery, they’ll transfer their first-round pick to the Sabres in 2023. [NHL]

- It sounds like Alex Ovechkin will return just in time for the start of the Capitals’ series against the Panthers. [NHL]

- There was a game yesterday, and it was the most useless game of the season. If you want to see the highlights for whatever reason, here you go.

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