Here are some of the fan submissions for Calvin Pickard’s goalie mask contest

These designs are ... interesting.

In case you haven’t heard, goaltender Calvin Pickard is letting Vegas Golden Knights fans design his goalie mask. Fans had until Aug. 4 to submit their designs with the winner being announced Aug. 9.

Needless to say, Pickard has some amazing (and not so amazing) designs to choose from.

Here are some of the most interesting fan-made designs:

This design by @JeannetteH64 is pretty awesome and should have a legitimate shot at winning the contest. The front of the mask features a gorgeous medieval knight helmet with the Golden Knights’ alternate logo discretely tucked away near the chin strap. On the right side, you get a glimpse of Betty Willis’ Las Vegas sign along with the Mojave Desert. On the left side? A dragon. Because why not? The backplate is also really neat. The silhouette of the Vegas skyline is a really cool touch and the American, Canadian and Nevada flags also make an appearance as well.

Nothing says Las Vegas like Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack. Why not get Sinatra’s entire head painted onto your mask? Seems like a good idea to me.

Twitter user @BubbleGumPhotog did a really good job with this design. Like Marc-Andre Fleury’s mask (which he unveiled last week), this mask features some of Las Vegas’ most iconic landmarks, including the Stratosphere, the High Roller, the Paris and New York-New York. There’s also a ton of glitter on this thing, which would look really cool on the ice.

Of course, Pickard could also go rogue and wear an actual knight’s mask, which would be lots of fun.

Finally, my personal favorite:

The Hangover. A modern-day classic. This mask would be excellent for Pickard as he forms his new wolf pack with his Golden Knights teammates.

Which design do you think should win the contest? Let us know! And if we didn’t use your design, tweet us @knightsonice and share them with us.