Bill Foley confirms Golden Knights third sweater coming Summer 2020

Oh, baby. What a time.

Vegas Golden Knights owner Bill Foley has hinted at a third sweater since the end of last season. There is now a timeline.

Foley told Brian Blessing on Vegas Hockey Hotline that a third sweater for the Golden Knights will be unveiled at some point this summer.

Those sweaters will be all gold, which means damn it to hell, we need gold gloves.

There have been concepts of a third jersey created online. Once upon a time, we analyzed some of those concepts and some of them were really cool.

The big question: What logo does the third jersey use?

If you go back to that concept piece we did back in 2018, there’s a good example of all gold with the helmet logo. It doesn’t look too shabby. Is that too bright, though? Can they go a tad darker gold and use that instead? That’s not too bad.

It’s either that or the alternate swords logo, and that might be the best way to go. Nothing against the Golden Knights primary logo, but if they’re going to go all in with a third sweater, you might as go as outlandish as one can go.

But seriously, this is an exciting time. The Golden Knights’ sweater, primarily the white road ones, is one of the more popular in the league when you discuss with out-of-towners covering the NHL. Vegas’ rapid success to the top of the NHL also helps in the popularity of such fashion discussions.

Go crazy, folks.